Monday, January 28, 2013


Obviously, from our last post, readers can see that life was in a bit of an upheaval.  That was...[checking files]...October 18.  It's January 28 today.  Oh well!  I was indeed diagnosed with MS and in addition to some back trouble, I have had more doctors' appointments than I can count (and they aren't over just yet).  MS and its symptoms/appointments, plus having a dear church planting family live with us plus homeschooling meant that any extra time and mental capacity I had was usually spent resting!  I'm not giving up on posting, so I hope our readers don't either!  I may not post AS often due to life, but I'm gonna try.  :-)

That said, I have no idea what to post for today!   :-)

I have been thinking a lot about how fun it is to USE the things I pin on Pinterest.  I saw an idea to try to implement at least one thing you post on Pinterest each week.  It's a nice goal and ensures that you are not on Pinterest JUST to waste time.  ;-)  I have been able to do small things -- tying a scarf in a new way, trying a hairstyle, a different recipe, a chores/reward method.  It's fun to use the ideas, whether they work or not.  You know what they say, "You'll never know if you don't try!"  I think it's also good for the brain.  We home managers can get so stuck in a rut sometimes that we are tempted to see life as boring and humdrum, becoming discontent with the same ol' same ol'.  But, throw in one twist however small or large each week, and you've upended "routine" -- and perhaps found a really cool new way of doing something!

My latest endeavor, inspired by Pinterest and a good friend, was to shop and prep/freeze meals for several weeks.  Most of the articles I saw started small with 2 weeks.  I figured, if you can do 2 weeks, why not double your recipes and then you have a whole month!  So I did.  :-)  Hopefully in a near future post, I'll be able to give you the basics of what I did to show you that it really isn't as daunting as it may seem as well as update as to how I like this way of meal management.

Enjoy your family today!